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Treating Pets Like Family

Buying your dog the things they need like dog beds, dog leashes, dog bowls, and accessories only prove that pets have been part of your lives. On the average, 3 in every 5 Americans own a pet. 39% of the US population have at least one dog in their household while 90% of dog owners consider their pet as a family. You can hear them call their dogs Bella, Max, Molly, Bailey, Lucy, etc as if they are really a family member. Do you have a nice name for your dog? Do you treat them like a family member?

Having a pet comes with responsibility. It can be emotional and financial. Americans spend $19.1 billion for medical expenses of their dog while its $7.4 B for cats. It seems that your furry friend can be very expensive. However, these expenses are worth it because owning a pet can provide positive impact to the owner. They improve your mood, compel you to exercise and serve as your loyal friend. A study found out that pet owners have lower chance of having a stroke or heart attack than non pet owners. Because of these, dogs and cats are treated like family.

 Kids and Dogs

Did you know that 36% of dog owners buy gifts or present for their dog? Also, 53% of them let their dog sleep in their own bedrooms while others buy them designer dog beds and place it in their room. 16% of dog owners brought their pet whenever they go and 27% of them includes their dog in their family portraits. These are just a few ways to show love and affection to one's dog. Whether a dog came from a shelter (30%), friend or relative (28%), recognized breeder, and pet store, they are still considered an addition to your family.

Dogs and cats are treated and pampered like humans. Pet owners bring them to spa, bathe them with shampoo and conditioner, brush their teeth, and bring to vet clinics to ensure overall good health. However, aside from that you have to bring your pet for a walk. They need your time. You have to play with them. They are very energetic and they easily get sick when you don't play with them. But in return, you also get to exercise with them.

 Poodle Colouring

As a pet owner, you are responsible in nourishing and nurturing your pet. It doesn't have to be expensive but at least you can provide their basic needs such as dog crates, dog collars, hands-free leash, playthings, and bait bag. These are important in ensuring that your dog will remain domesticated and friendly to you and other members of the family.

In general, you can say that adopting a pet is not an easy job. They are just like your children who need proper care. They act like your baby waiting for your time and affection. You should treat them the way you treat your fellows because they can be your friend and company. In return, pets show concern to their masters.

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