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Sailing Or Flying With Your Pet

Traveling with your pet these days is made easier with dog bags and conveniently cute carriers. It's not so much as how to travel with them, but how to keep them safe. Whether on the road, at sea, or by air, there are many dangers to watch out for. As a responsible pet owner, you should always make sure that your furry pal's needs come first.

As Spring draws nearer, there will be a flurry of vacation and/or sailing plans. Of course, these shall include the beloved family pet. Have you decided where you'll go and the mode of transportation? Traveling by air is faster in all respects but carry as much risk as when cruising by boat. Keep your anxious pet happy with these tried and tested tips for a delightfully safe journey:

General Travel Tips

Be it plane or boat, there are general guidelines every good pet owner must abide by:

  • Have all the necessary paperwork ready. Make sure that your pooch has medical records certified by the vet that he'll be alright during the trip.

  • Check the airline or cruise ship for their animal rules. Most strictly prohibit pets; but a few are really animal-friendly. Call them and inquire about rates, requirements, and accommodations.

  • Invest in a quality carrier or leash (if planning on taking a small dog in a cabin). It should be made from sturdy material to withstand incessant chewing; as well as have a good fit (for leashes) and adequate leg room (for kennels).

  • Train your dog to anticipate the journey ahead. If it's by boat, try sailing or rowing with your pet across the nearby river. Learn to soothe him as early as possible because it's not advisable to medicate pets for a trip. In the long run, they might become dependent on it.

  • Even if your pal won't be with you during most of the trip, make sure that pet necessities such as treats, dog waste bags, and water are still easily accessible.

Leashes For Dogs

By Plane

  • In most cases, your dog would not be flying with you in the main cabin (especially if he's a big dog). Before the flight, make sure he's well-fed but not full. Let him do his business too.

  • Remain calm. Don't make a big goodbye scene as this will only upset your furry companion.

  • As much as possible, get a direct flight. This lessens the chances of delays and possible loss of pets.

  • Check that he's wearing his ID tag and that your contact details are on it.

Pet Leashes

By Boat

  • One of the hardest things to combat is sea sickness. Ease your canine's tension with a small whiff of lavender to calm his nerves. Again, avoid any medication as much as possible.

  • If you're allowed to keep him by your side, keep him from the boat's edge. Have him wear his life vest at all times as well.

  • Bring along a rubber food and water bowl. This has a non-slip grip that could let him eat in peace even as the cruise becomes quite bumpy.


And there you have it – simple travel tips for you and your canine! The only problem now is which transportation mode to consider.

Bon voyage!

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