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Meat of the Matter: Raw vs. Dogfood

Wondering what to fill your pet's dog food bowl today?

For years, animal lovers have been on heated debates regarding raw food diets versus man-made dog food. People ever since have always given their pets dry dog foods because it's the most convenient; plus, it also contains vitamins and minerals necessary for a pet's overall growth. These days however, more and more individuals are shifting to raw foods for their dogs. Should you be one of them?

The Raw Deal

All-Raw Diet

The common household dog is a descendant of the wolf, a wild canine species. The only difference is that today's furry pals are domesticated and bred to be taken care of inside people's homes. Before that though, history has shown that the canine family ate raw foods – in particular the meat and bones of another animal. This may seem morbid but this is the way of nature. It's completely normal for dogs in the wild to consume everything – from the organs to the bones – of the animal captured. Comparing that diet to the modern dog food, there is definitely a huge difference. For one, raw meat contains more protein and healthy fat when compared to dry kibbles.

Dog FoodMulti-grain variants of dog food can be considered healthy on some aspects however, it's still mainly carbohydrates. Excess carbs is what causes obesity in pets. Second, these wild dogs hunt for their meal. This is a form of natural exercise which keeps them fit and sharp. If an average dog for example gets overfed without much exercise, he is bound to gain weight. Similar to humans, excess fat is bad for health.

So Which Is Best?

The only person qualified to give a diet would be your vet. Before feeding your pet, ask an animal doctor for any advice or tips regarding the raw vs. dog food debate. Depending on your pet's condition and general health, he might prescribe special medication, supplements, or recommend raw cuts of meat as well as fruits and vegetables. Dairy, such as eggs, is also part of the raw food group.

Followers of the Raw Food Diet have reported the following benefits they observed in their dogs:

  • shinier coats and healthier skin 
  • reduced allergies and digestive problems 
  • improved energy levels 
  • smaller stools 

Those who opt for man-made Dog Foods seem quite happy with these benefits:

  • very convenient; especially for busy pet owners 
  • highly varied for every dog need 
  • safe; without the hazards of choking or salmonella 

provides essential vitamins and nutrients from organic sources

Bottom Line

When considering whether or not to feed your beloved pal with pieces of raw liver and chicken feet, be aware of how it can affect them. Research about their nutritional values and don't immediately switch to an all-raw diet. This can surprise your pet's digestive tract and cause pancreatitis. Your safest bet is to first consult your vet; and maybe ask friends who have combined a diet of raw and dog foods to keep their pets happy. Keep in mind still, that nothing beats a well-balanced diet. Your pet's happiness and health should be a priority when considering foods for him to munch on.


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