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How To Choose Toys For Dogs

As you're out shopping for dog beds on sale, why not pick up a new toy for your pup? Now that Winter blues are over, you and your precious pet can finally enjoy the outdoors again!

Nothing like a good game of fetch; or a fun afternoon playing with colorful bouncing balls.

Choosing the best toys for dogs can sometimes be difficult. Aside from the wide selection of incredible products in the market, a responsible pet owner must ensure that these toys won't be poisonous for his dog. Plastic pet toys especially, if not certified, could be toxic. Also, one must consider what his canine would like best.

So if you're stuck between a cute plush doll or a practical bouncy ball, let these tips help you out:

For Dogs Who Like To Chew...

Rope Toys For Dogs

  • Most pups love to chew. Ask yourself first if your dog is a moderate or aggressive chewer. Soft, non-toxic plastic chew toys or rope toys made from chemical-free threads, are best suited for this type of dogs.

  • Senior pets and young puppies would love munching on anything smooth or squishy.

  • Aggressive chewers can have either a durable plastic toy, OR a synthetic bone. Make sure that the product won't quickly break into bits. If swallowed, these parts can choke and pose other hazards for your beloved pet.

For Dogs Who Like To Chase...

  • Toss-and-retrieve toys would be perfect for high-energy dogs who love a good run! Balls, disks, and dog sticks are nice examples.

  • Look for fun features that make them bounce, fly, or roll. Invest in products that can withstand constant wear and tear. Soft, non-toxic plastic is best as it cares for sensitive teeth and gums.

  • If you're looking for an excuse to exercise, then these toys are good for you too! Your dog can't enjoy them properly without your help – so play them together as a team! 

For Dogs Who Like To Cuddle...

  • Affectionate or home-buddy pets deserve cuddly plush toys. These come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. They're usually made from fleece and stuffed with squeakers inside. This helps catch a dog's attention.

  • The more they're played with, the more they're going to smell familiar to your dog. This would become one of their most treasured belongings.

  • Ideal for quiet, snuggle time by the fireplace; or before bedtime.

For Dogs Who Like Rewards...

Food Dispenser Dog Toy

  • Interactive food dispenser toys are great for furry pals who enjoy being challenged. These are typically hollow so you can fill them with all sorts of treats. Use bite-size biscuits, peanut butter, or soft cookies.

  • This type of pet toy can keep them occupied for long hours. That's because they won't stop until they get every piece of treat inside!

  • Other interactive toys such as puzzles, provide mental stimulation for your pet. It keeps them sharp and active.

Whichever pet toy you choose for your darling dog, it would certainly bring joy to his eyes. So don't forget to bring home a plush doll or bouncy ball today!

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