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How to Choose a Bed for your Dog?

In as much as you like to sleep in a soft and comfortable bed, dogs need dog beds too. If you really consider them as part of your family, you can't afford to let them sleep in their cage with all the mosquitoes biting them. You wouldn't want them to sleep on the floor or sleep with you in your bed. Your loyal and faithful pooch deserves a bed because it will give them a sense of security.

Dog beds should be comfy. Your little puppy will choose a bed that provides cushioning and insulation. They don't want to spend the night or rest hours in the cold and hard floor. It is also functional because it will keep your home bed away from fur, dirt and pet dander.

Dog bed

However, choosing a bed for dogs isn't that easy. Some things need to be considered like the following:

What are your dog's bedding needs?

The need for bed will depend on its sleeping style, size, activity level and your budget. Some dogs like to sleep sprawled out while others like to lean against something. If you got a large and active dog, you will need to choose a bed that will accommodate him or her. Take note, your dogs spend most of its time outside so, choose a bed that can be easily removed and washed.

Different Styles and Shapes of Modern Dog Beds

1. Bolster Bed. This is ideal for larger breeds of dogs. It will make them feel safe and cozy. If your dog who like to sleep with their head on a pillow or leaning on something. It is usually round/oval with a cushioned bottom and an armrest and makes them feel secure. If your dog is frightened when approached from behind, a bolster bed is perfect for them.

2. Orthopedic mattress bed. Older dogs like this type of bed because of the comfort and support enough to make the dog feel good especially if they are experiencing joint pain. It is also a right choice for thinner dogs with many prominent bones because it provides  extra cushioning to avoid pain in the pressure points.

3. Pillow Bed. This is a right choice if you got cute small dogs. It is a small round bed good for burrowing and nesting. And it can be easily washed through the washing machine. 

4. Cot-style bed. It will keep your dog cool during summer and save him from the cold floor during winter. It is made from fabric that can resist fungus that can cause allergy to your dog. It has sturdy frames that can accommodate large breeds of dogs.

5. Heated dog bed. It is good for a dog that is undergoing a recovery period due to an illness or surgery. It provides heat that will reduce stiffness. It is also more beneficial for older dogs with painful joints and if you are living in cold climates. 

Having a dog bed is more of a necessity than a luxury. It gives your dog a private place to sleep and will keep yourself free from dirt it can give. They can remain guard your house while they are resting on a soft and colorful pillow. 


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