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Different Types of Dog Leashes

There are a few factors to consider when buying dog leashes. But first you need to know the importance of it to you and to your dog. The main function of dog leashes is to allow the dog owner to control and restrain his or her dog from running away or even attacking another person. It is attached to the dog collar which is used for identifying the dog. When buying dog leashes or collars, you have to consider the materials used for making the leash, length and width and type of snap hook and functionality. 

  • Nylon leashes are fit for friendly to your budget and beneficial in any weather condition (rain, snow, and wet climate). 
  • Leather leashes are perfect for any weather too but you must apply leather conditioner to keep the firmness of the leash and make it usable for longer terms. It is also perfect for dogs who like to chew because it will hold them up. More so, it is a status symbol for the dog owner. 
  • Dog chain leashes are best for dogs that are hard chewer because it will discourage them to chew. But you have to observe your dog before you buy this type of leash to avoid tooth problems. 
  • Handle leashes are the shortest leashes about 1 ft long and used for short control. However, a longer leash can give your dog more freedom to walk. The average length of leash is 4ft-6ft. The longest leash can be up to 150 ft which is fit when you walk your dog around a free and wide space.

Hand Shaped Dog Leash

Aside from the standard leashes mentioned above, you can also find dog training leads, bicycle dog leads, retractable dog leashes, and martingale leash. Dog training leads are perfect if you are teaching your dog in a small space. It allows you to gain control over his actions.

On the other hand, bicycle dog leads are used to ensure that your dogs are safe even if you bike around. It is made of aluminum with a plastic coated table that runs down through the tube. The one end connects with the bike while the other end connects to the dog. It will keep them away from the bike.

Retractable and martingale dog leashes have also gained popularity. The first one is useful for dogs that have already mastered and learned “come and heel” commands. It allows them to move freely while attached to a leash. While the latter referred as a “show-leash”. It offers the benefit of a choke collar without getting choked.

Lastly, when you are choosing a dog leash, you should also consider a reliable snap hook because it connects the leash and your dog. It should be strong, smooth and easy to manipulate. It must prevent accidental openings to ensure that your dog will keep safe whenever you and your puppy walk around.

As you can see, choosing dog leashes depend on the materials used, length and the functionality of the leash. You have to properly evaluate what will be the function of it to ensure that your dog will be safe all day long.

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