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How To Choose Toys For Dogs

As you're out shopping for dog beds on sale, why not pick up a new toy for your pup? Now that Winter blues are over, you and your precious pet can finally enjoy the outdoors again!

Nothing like a good game of fetch; or a fun afternoon playing with colorful bouncing balls.

Choosing the best toys for dogs can sometimes be difficult. Aside from the wide selection of incredible products in the market, a responsible pet owner must ensure that these toys won't be poisonous for his dog. Plastic pet toys especially, if not certified, could be toxic. Also, one must consider what his canine would like best.

So if you're stuck between a cute plush doll or a practical bouncy ball, let these tips help you out:

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Are Mushrooms Poisonous for Pets?

Both the onset of Spring and Summer are signaled by rain and humidity. Aside from beautiful flowers and the smell of fresh dirt, expect tiny cute mushrooms sprouting from the ground. After a drizzle for instance, try traveling with your pet the next morning and you will see these little wonders. Especially if you hike near wooded trails or in sidewalks.

 Mushrooms and Dogs

But are these things poisonous?

Mushrooms and Pets

It's very difficult to identify edible from inedible mushrooms. Some experts believe that the more innocent-looking they are, the more lethal they could be. The 'false morel' for example, looks so much like the 'morel' mushroom sought after by chefs and gourmet cooks around the world. Properly identifying them takes great skill and often, years of experience.

Wild mushrooms in general, can be toxic to pets (depending on the type and amount ingested). For simplicity's sake, toxic variants are classified into four categories:

  • Class A – the most dangerous type of mushroom; can cause the destruction of liver and kidney cells
  • Class B and C – just as dangerous; affects mainly the nervous system
  • Class D – results in gastrointestinal irritation

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Sailing Or Flying With Your Pet

Traveling with your pet these days is made easier with dog bags and conveniently cute carriers. It's not so much as how to travel with them, but how to keep them safe. Whether on the road, at sea, or by air, there are many dangers to watch out for. As a responsible pet owner, you should always make sure that your furry pal's needs come first.

As Spring draws nearer, there will be a flurry of vacation and/or sailing plans. Of course, these shall include the beloved family pet. Have you decided where you'll go and the mode of transportation? Traveling by air is faster in all respects but carry as much risk as when cruising by boat. Keep your anxious pet happy with these tried and tested tips for a delightfully safe journey:

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Common Pet Poisons To Watch Out For

As a pet owner, you should be careful about what goes into your beloved pet's ceramic dog bowl. Many animal lovers don't realize that their pantry favorites are actually very dangerous (and at times even deadly) for their furry pals.

It's a fact that animals LOVE to eat – and given the chance, they'll eat anything all day! That's why pet owners should be perpetually alert. Check out a few harmful food items below to avoid emergency trips to the pet hospital:

Right Food For Dogs

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Meat of the Matter: Raw vs. Dogfood

Wondering what to fill your pet's dog food bowl today?

For years, animal lovers have been on heated debates regarding raw food diets versus man-made dog food. People ever since have always given their pets dry dog foods because it's the most convenient; plus, it also contains vitamins and minerals n…

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